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North's worldwide network of Sail Care lofts are committed to delivering the highest quality service to you and your sails. Standardized by North's 'Blue Books' and backed by our experienced team of sail designers, your service and repair requirements will be handled by North's trained sailmakers throughout the world. Whether you are looking for a complex recut or modification, or simply need your sails inspected and delivered back to your boat, our Sail Care team is trained on all aspects of sail care and repair.

North Sails Service Lofts

North Sails c'est plus de 100 points de vente, service et production dans 26 pays sur 5 continents.

Vous trouverez la liste des points de service et de dépôt de Suisse romande sur ce lien.

Ainsi que la liste complète des Lofts North Sails en Europe.